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Strong interaction in particle physics is one of the four fundamental underlying interactions, which are mechanisms that cause strong nuclear forces (also called strong forces or nuclear strong forces) and are electromagnetic waves, weak interactions and gravity. In the range of 10-15 meters (femtometers), the stronger force is about 137 times of electromagnetism, one million times weaker interaction, 1038 times of gravity. Strong nuclear forces confine quarks to particles such as protons and neutrons, so they hold most common materials together. A strong force binds neutrons and protons to form atomic nuclei. Most of the mass of generic protons or neutrons is the result of strong force field energy. Individual quarks provide only about 1% of the proton mass. Strong interactions are observed in two ranges: the forces that bind proton and neutron together to form the nucleus of an atom on a large scale (about 1 to 3 femtometers (fm)). On a smaller scale (about 0.8 fm, below the radius of a nucleus) it is the force (carried by the gluon) that keeps the quarks together to form protons, neutrons, and other particles. In the latter context, it is often known as the force of color. Strong forces have intrinsically strong strength and can be bound by powerful forces to create new giant particles. Thus, if ultraviolet light strikes high energy particles, they generate new nuclei instead of emitting free-moving radiation (gluons). This powerful force is called color confinement and prevents the free “release” of strong forces. Instead, a jet of huge particles is actually created. Strong forces are described by Quantum Color Dynamics (QCD), which is part of the standard model of particle physics. Mathematically, QCD is a nonabel gauge theory based on a local (instrumental) symmetric group called SU (3). Quarks and gluons are the only basic particles with a charge of color that does not die out, so they participate in a strong interaction with each other. Strong forces are the expression of gluon interactions with other quarks and gluon particles. All quarks and gluons in QCD interact through powerful forces. The strength of the interaction is parametrized by strong coupling constants. This intensity is modified by the group’s theoretical properties of the gauge color charge of the particles.

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Nuclear binding energy is the energy required to break the nucleus of an atom into its constituent elements. These component parts are neutrons and protons, collectively called the nucleus. The bond energy of the nucleus is due to

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attractive forces that bind these nuclei together and is usually positive, as most nuclei will consume energy to separate

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them into individual protons and neutrons. The mass of an atomic nucleus is generally less than the sum of the


individual masses of protons and neutrons (according to the Einstein equation E = mc2) and this ‘missing mass’ is


known as a mass defect and is released when the nucleus is formed.

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The term nuclear energy may mean energy balance in the process of breaking the nucleus into fragments consisting

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of two or more nuclei. If a new binding energy is available when light nuclei are fused or when the middle nucleus is


separated, a process can release binding energy. This energy can be made available at nuclear power and can be

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