Peter Cloos Dissertation Titles

Theses and Dissertations

These students' research frequently involved the use of UTIG data and/or the supervision by UTIG research staff.

Copies of PhD dissertations may be obtained from:

The University of Texas at Austin Walter Geology Library may have copies of some of these theses as well as a list of all UT Austin geology theses.

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Arce Perez, Luis EnriqueNeogene Current-Modified Submarine Fans and Associated Bed Forms in Mexican Deep-water MS2017Snedden, Fisher, Chuchla105
Arora, KhushbooInfluence of Surface Gravity Waves on Sediment Transport and Deposition of Hummocky Cross-stratified Sands on Marine ShelvesPhD2017Goff, Wood, Steel, Mohrig, Kim, Southard121
Borgfeldt, Taylor M.Crustal Seismic Velocity Models of TexasMS2017Frohlich, Walter, Lavier, Grand66
Calle Peralta, Amanda Z.Andean and Pre-Andean Basin Evolution Along the South American Convergent Margin: Insights from the Central Andes of Bolivia (19.5-22 Degrees S)PhD2017Horton, Garcia-Duarte, Stockli, Steel, Flaig219
Cavitte, Marie G.Flow Re-organization of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet Across Glacial CyclesPhD2017Blankenship 
Datta, DebanjanImplementing Extendedcient Global Optimization Methods in Full Waveform InversionPhD2017Sen, Spikes, Fomel, Grand, Jordan205
Davis, JoshuaThe Breakup of East Gondwana: Insights From Plate Modeling, Basin Analysis, and Numerical ExperimentsPhD2017Lavier, Lawver, Norton, Dalziel, Gulick151
Greene, ChadDrivers Of Change In East Antartic Ice ShelvesPhD2017Blankenship, Dickinson, Heimbach, Jackson, Wilson, Young168
Lalich, DanielUsing Radar Reflectivity to Unlock the Climate Record Contained in the Martian North Polar Layered DepositsPhD2017Holt, Levy, Grima, Catania, Kocurek86
Liu, HanQuantification of the Effects of Fracture Properties on Seismic DataPhD2017Spikes, Sen
Pinkston, F. WilliamPore Pressure and Stress at the Macondo Well, Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of MexicoMS2017Flemings, Mohrig, Snedden107
Stuurman, CassieRidges on Martian Debris-covered Glaciers: Deconvolving Structural and Climate ProcessesMS2017Holt, Levy, Catania57
Xu, JieSource-to-sink Analysis of the Lower Miocene Strata in the Gulf of Mexico BasinPhD2017Snedden, Fulthorpe, Stockli, Steel, Kim, Blum273

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Frederik, Marina C.Morphology And Structure Of The Accretionary Prism Offshore North Sumatra, Indonesia And Offshore Kodiak Island, USA - A Comparison To Seek a Link Between Prism Formation and Hazard PotentialPhD2016Gulick, Austin, Bangs, Lavier, Barnes, McNeill136
Gooch, BradleyThe Effects of Sedimentary Basins on the Dynamics of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet from Enhanced Groundwater and Geothermal Heat FlowPhD2016Blankenship, Dalziel, Ghattas, Hesse, Young239
Ramírez, Sebastián G.Interactions Between Sedimentation and Deformation in the Kumano Forearc Basin (Japan) and the Malargue Foreland Basin (Argentina)PhD2016Gulick, Horton, Hayman, Milliken, Marrett271
Ren, QiAnisotropic Seismic Characterization Of The Eagle Ford Shale: Rock-Physics Modeling, Stochastic Seismic Inversion, And GeostatisticsPhD2016Sen, Spikes, Srinivasan, Fomel, Daigle107
Sekhon, NatashaMultidecadal rainfall variability in the South Pacific convergence zone using the geochemistry of stalagmites from the Solomon IslandsMS2016Quinn, Partin, Jackson, Shanahan71
Thirumalai, KaustubhSurface-ocean Variability In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico During The Late HolocenePhD2016Quinn, Shanahan, Gulick, Okumura, Frohlich, Partin116
Walton, Maureen Anne LeVoirTectonic and Sediment Processes of the Southeast Alaska MarginPhD2016Gulick, Christeson, Haeussler, Horton, Mohrig239
Wu, GuangliangContinental Extension in Orogenic Belts: Modes of Extension, Origin of Core Complexes, and Two-phase Postorogenic ExtensionPhD2016Lavier, Steel, Hayman, Behr, Stockli, Buck107

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Anderson, VeronicaUplift and Exhumation of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia and Its Interactions With ClimatePhD2015Horton185
Andrews, LaurenSpatial and Temporal Evolution of the Glacial Hydrologic System of the Western Greenland Ice Sheet: Observational and Remote Sensing ResultsPhD2015Catania, Cardenas, Hoffman, Jackson, Mohrig143
Bovay, Ann CarolineNew Models of Early Cretaceous Source-to-Sink Pathways in the Eastern Gulf of MexicoMS2015Steel, Snedden, Mohrig88
Brothers, Thomas CharlesMorphology of the Planum Boreum Basal Unit, Mars, and Constraints on the Origin, Mars, and Timing of Icy Circumpolar DepositsPhD2015Holt, Wood, Tanaka, Kocurek, Mohrig99
Curry-Logan, ElizabethModes of Deformation in Ice in Dynamic Regions: Applications to Basal Crevasses and CalvingPhD2015Lavier, Catania, Hesse, Ghattas, MacAyeal103
Frederick, BruceSubmarine Sedimentary Basin Analyses for the Aurora and Wilkes Subglacial Basins and the Sabrina Coast Contintal Shelf, East AntarcticaPhD2015Blankenship, Dalziel, Gulick, Wilson, Young189
Greenbaum, JaminGeophysical Investigations of the Coastal Evolution of the Totten Glacier System, East AntarcticaPhD2015Blankenship, Grand, Heimbach, Jackson, Sen, Wilson, Young118
Hanna, Andrea Jo MillerReconstructing Late Holocene Arctic Climate Change Using High Resolution Sediment Records From Simpson Lagoon, Alaska and the Colville River Alluvial ValleyPhD2015Goff, Shanahan, Allison, Quinn, Mohrig, Marcantonio303
Hart, NicoleTemporal Constraints on ProgressiveRifting of a Hyper-extended Continental Margin Using Bedrock and Detrital Zircon (U-Th)/(Pb-He) Dating, Maulé Basin, Western PyreneesMS2015Stockli, Lavier, Hayman419
Montelli, AleksandrSeismic stratigraphy and paleo-glaciology of Sabrina Coast, East Antarctica and Bering Trough, Gulf of AlaskaMS2015Gulick, Blankenship, Mohrig69
Perez, NicholasCenozoic Deformation History of the Andean Plateau in Southern Peru: Stratigraphic, Structural, and Geochronologic ConstraintsPhD2015Horton287
Sanford, JasonThe Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary Deposit in the Gulf of Mexico: Oceanic Basin Response to the Chicxulub Impact and Geomechanics of Reservoir-scale sand Injectites, Panoche Hills, CaliforniaPhD2015Flemings, Gulick, Snedden154
Svartman Dias, Anna ElizaThe Evolution of Hyperextended Rifted Margins: Linking Variations on the Width, Asymmetry, and Strain Distribution to Lithospheric Strength and Geodynamic ProcessesPhD2015Lavier, Hayman, Van Avendonk, Stockli, Buck232
Zhao, ZeyuEfficient Seismic Imaging With the Double Plane Wave DataPhD2015Sen, Stoffa, Frohlich, Grand, Tatham, Nakamura208

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Betts, WilliamCompressibility and Permeability of Gulf of Mexico Mudrocks, Resedimented and In-SituMS2014Flemings, Cardenas, Reece122
Cronin, MichaelCore-scale heterogeneity and dual-permeability pore structure in the Barnett ShaleMS2014Flemings, Milliken, Hesse168
Eakin, DanielAn Analysis of Subduction Related Tectonics Offshore Southern and Eastern TaiwanPhD2014Lavier, McIntosh, Van Avendonk, Barnes, Horton238
Eddy, DrewMesozoic Rifting Along the Eastern Seaboard of North America: Insights From the Seismic Velocity Structure of the Newfoundland Margin and the Northern Gulf of MexicoPhD2014Van Avendonk, Christeson, Lavier, Stockli, Gulick, Shillington309
Leuro, ErickSpatial and Temporal Distributions of Accumulation Rates on the Catchment of Thwaites Glacier, West AntarcticaPhD2014Blankenship, Wilson, Holt, Yang, Sen92
Sadahiro, MakotoAnalysis of GPU-based convolution for acoustic wave propagation modeling with finite differences: Fortran to CUDA-C step-by-stepMS2014Tatham, Stoffa, Sen72
Schroeder, DustinCharacterizing the Subglacial Hydrology of Thwaites Glacier Using Airborne Radar SoundingPhD2014Blankenship, Raney, Anderson, Ghattas, Hesse, Mohrig120
Stephens, JasonTectonic and Depositional History of an Active Forearc Basin, Sandino Basin, Offshore NicaraguaPhD2014Fulthorpe, McIntosh, Tatham, Steel, Horton128
Swartz, John MarshallSeismic and Morphologic Analysis of the Gulf of Alaska Yakutat Margin: Evidence for Recent Trough Mouth Fan GrowthMS2014Gulick, Catania, Goff52
Zurbuchen, JulieImaging Evidence for Hubbard Glacier Advances and Retreats since the Last Glacial Maximum in Yakutat and Disenchantment Bays, AlaskaSenior Honors BS2014Gulick, Goff, Catania38

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Alhussain, MohammedFracture Characterization Of A Carbonate Reservoir In The Arabian PeninsulaPhD2013Sen, Spikes, Stoffa, Tatham, Osareni, Nakamura138
Das, Kumar SundaramGas-hydrates Saturation Estimation in Krishna-Godavari Basin, IndiaMS2013Sen, Tatham, Spikes129
Delbecq, KatherinePhysical Models of Tsunami Deposition: An Investigation of Morphodynamic ControlsMS2013Kim, Mohrig and Johnson38
Duncan, MarkThe Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: Volcanic or Passive Margin? Seismic Implications of the Gulf of Mexico Basin Opening ProjectMS2013Christeson, Van Avendonk, Gulick, Spikes80
Gao, BaiyuanPore Pressure within Dipping Reservoirs in Overpressured BasinsMS2013Flemings, Snedden, Hess87
Goktas, PinarMorphologies and Controls on Development of Pliocene-Pleistocene Carbonate Platforms: Northern Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf of AustraliaMS2013Fulthorpe, Austin, Steel, Fisher73
Gutowski, GailEffect of modeled pre-industrial Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance bias on uncertainty in sea level rise projections in 2100MS2013Blankenship, Jackson, Quinn, Lavier56
Kopp, JessicaThe Effects of Lateral Tectonics on a Fluvio-Deltaic System: An Application to the Ganges Brahmaputra DeltaMS2013Kim, Mohrig, Hickson185
Lester, William RyanFrom Rifting to Collision: The Evolution of the Taiwan Mountain BeltPhD2013McIntosh, Lavier, Van Avendonk, Horton, Barnes, Liu222
Smith, IsaacOn the Spiral Troughs of MarsPhD2013Holt, Howard, Kocurek, Mohrig, Kim, and Blankenship168
You, YaoDynamics of Dilative Slope FailurePhD2013 (Dec)Mohrig, Flemings, Ghattas, Germaine, Hesse129
Xia, YuDynamics of the Eastern Edge of the Rio Grande RiftMS2013Grand60
Xue, YangNovel Stochastic Inversion Methods and Workflow For Reservoir Characterization and MonitoringPhD2013Sen, Tatham, Fomel, Spikes, Srinivasan, Jin161

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Cavanaugh, ShannonHeat Flow Variability at the Costa Rica Subduction Zone as Modeled by Bottom-simulating Reflector Depths Imaged in the CRISP 3D Seismic SurveyMS2012Bangs, McIntosh, Barnes, Tatham99
Fitch, JustinCenozoic Evolution of a Fragmented Foreland Basin, Altiplano Plateau, Southern PeruMS2012Horton, Steel, Holt97
Graf, StephenPore Fluid Pressure Detection Within the Plate Boundary Fault Interface of the Costa Rica Convergent Margin Using AVO AttributesMS2012Bangs, McIntosh, Tatham, Cloos89
Hereid, KellyEl Niño-southern Oscillation Variability During the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly Reconstructed From Fossil Coral Geochemistry and Pseudoproxy AnalysisPhD2012Quinn86
Kopriva, BryantResponse of Minibasin Subsidence to Variable Deposition: Experiments and TheoryMS2012Kim, Buttles, Kerans55
Merrell, MichaelPressure and Stress at Mad Dog Field, Gulf of MexicoMS2012Flemings, Hudec, Hesse, Walker75
Reece, RobertThe Impact of Climate and Tectonics on Sedimentary and Deformational Processes, Gulf of AlaskaPhD2012Gulick, Christeson, Horton, Mohrig, Steel, Jaeger122
Polat, F. OzcanCore-Seismic Correlation and Sequence Stratigraphy at IODP Expedition 317 Drillsites, Canterbury Basin, New ZealandPhD2012Fulthorpe, Fisher, Steel82
Santra, ManasijPatterns of Infill and Basin-scale Architecture: Tyee Forearc Basin, and Observation from a Segment of New Jersey Passive MarginPhD2012Steel, Goff, Austin208
Smith, AndrewObservations and Models of Venting at Deepwater Gulf of Mexico VentsMS2012Flemings, Fulton, Hesse, Liu85
Stadnik Burris, SvetlanaGravity Studies Over West AntarcticaMS2012Blankenship84
Thirumalai, KaustubhStatistical Constraints on El Niño Southern Oscillation Reconstructions Using Individual Foraminiferal AnalysesMS2012Quinn, Shanahan, Breecker33
Wagman, BenjaminThe Impact of Subglacial Hydrology on Force Balance for a Physically Modeled Ice StreamMS2012Catania, Mohrig, Buttles57
Yi TaoTime Reversal and Plane-wave Decomposition in Seismic Interferometry, Inversion and ImagingPhD2012Sen, Tatham, Wilson, Spikes, Nakamura, Christeson125

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Burnett, WilliamMultiazimuth Velocity Analysis Using Velocity-independent Seismic ImagingPhD2011Fomel, Stoffa, Sen, Torres-Verden, Eichhubl136
Campos, HenryTectonostratigraphic and Subsidence History of the Northern Llanos Foreland Basin of ColombiaMS2011Mann, Horton, Steel, Cardozo109
Fitz, GuyOffshore Mapping and Modeling of Miocene-Recent Extensional Basins Adjacent to Metamorphic Gneiss Domes of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands, Eastern Papua New GuineaMS2011Mann, Horton, Lavier183
Gorman, MeaghanCoral-based Reconstruction of Surface Salinity at Sabine Bank, VanuatuMS2011Quinn, Shanahan, Breecker55
Graham, EmilyThree-dimensional Gas Migration and Gas Hydrate Systems of South Hydrate Ridge, Offshore OregonMS2011Bangs, Flemings, Tatham102
Joy, CoreyThe effects of pressure variations and chemical reactions on the elasticity of the lower tuscaloosa sandstone of the Cranfield Field, MississippiMS2011Sen, Tatham, Spikes97
Martin, KylaraGeophysical Investigations in the Nankai Trough and Sumatran Subduction ZonesPhD2011Gulick, Bangs, Flemings, Moore, Mosher, Lavier153
Ramirez, MichaelSuspension of Bed Material Over Lateral Sand Bars in the Lower Mississippi River, Southeastern LouisianaMS2011Allison, Kim, Mohrig122
Rodriguez, AnthonyRegional Structure, Stratigraphy, and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Mexican Sector of the Gulf of MexicoMS2011Mann, Galloway, Fisher177
Sanchez, CarlaControls on Sedimentary Processes and 3D Stratigraphic Architecture of a Mid-Miocene to Recent, MIxed Carbonate-siliciclastic Continental Margin: Northwest Shelf of AustraliaPhD2011Steel, Fulthorpe, Austin, Kerans, Mohrig, Janson141
Schneider, JuliaCompression and Permeability Behavior of Natural MudstonesPhD2011Flemings, Mohrig, Cardenas, Day-Stirrat, Germaine302
Shahin, AlirezaDetection of Production-Induced Time-Lapse Signatures by Geophysical (Seismic and CSEM) MeasurementsPhD2011Stoffa, Tatham232
Siks, BenSedimentary, Structural, and Provenance Record of the Cianzo Basin, Puna Plateau-Eastern Cordillera BoundaryMS2011Horton, Steel, Milliken97
Son Dang Thai PhanPre-injection reservoir evaluation at Dickman Field, KansasMS2011Sen, Srinivasan, Grand82

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Comeaux, RebeccaBlack Mangrove (Avicennia sp.) Colony Expansion in the Gulf of Mexico with Climate Change: Implications for Wetland Health and Resistance to Rising Sea LevelsMS2010Allison, Bianchi, Mohrig, Wilson132
Punnette, StefanStructural framework and its influence on the Quaternary-age sequence architecture of the northern shelf of Trinidad and TobagoMS2010Mann, Wood, Tatham, Steel166
Sawyer, DerekFailure Mechanics, Transport Behavior, and Morphology of Submarine LandslidesPhD2010Flemings, Mohrig, Lavier, Hornbach, Nikolinakou, Shipp137
Worthington, Lindsay LoweNew Geophysical Parameters for Understanding the Evolution of the St. Elias Orogen, Southern AlaskaPhD2010Gulick, van Avendonk, Pavlis, Horton, Cloos, Lavier241

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Chu, ChunleiSeismic Modeling and Imaging with the Fourier Method: Numerical Analyses and Parallel Implementation StrategiesPhD2009Stoffa, Sen, Wilson, Tatham, Pestana, Klie322+
De Basabe, JonasHigh-Order Finite Element Methods for Seismic Wave PropagationPhD2009Sen, Wheeler, Dawson, Engquist, Ghattas140
Dunn, ElizabethCoral-based Climate Reconstructions From a Massive Porites Coral From Sabine Bank (Vanuatu)MS2009Quinn, Taylor, Kerans107
Sil, SamikTwo-way Traveltime Analysis for Seismic Reservoir CharacterizationPhD2009Sen, Grand, Tatham, Wilson, Srinivasan157
Stackhouse, StanleyLate Pleistocene New Jersey Shelf Sedimentation as a Response to Glacio-eustatic Sea Level RiseMS2009Fisher, Goff, and Steel58
Strong, HilaryThe Origin and Properties of Mass Transport Deposits Ursa Basin, Gulf of MexicoMS2009Flemings, Day-Stirrat, Mohrig77
Taboada, Gustavo A.Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the northeastern Maturin foreland basin, VenezuelaMS2009Mann, Fisher, Steel, Escalona97

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Aljadher, AliImaging of R3 Profile of Chicxulub Offshore Seismic Data Using Prestack Split-Step Fourier Migration in the Plane Wave DomainMS2008Stoffa, Sen, Tatham98
Al Muhaidib, AbdulaziaPre-stack Inversion for Porosity Estimation from Seismic Data in an Oil Field, Eastern Saudi ArabiaMS2008Sen, Tatham, Kerans107
Carter, SashaEvolving Subglacial Water Systems in East Antarctica from Airborne Radar SoundingPhD2008Blankenship, Sharp, Mohrig, Sen, Jackson241
Contreras, David R.Defining the Northeastern Boundary of the Supergiant Maracaibo Foreland Basin, VenezuelaMS2008Mann, Fisher, Tatham, Escalona184
Danque, Hunter-West A.Subglacial West Antarctic Volcanoes Defined By Aerogeophysical Data and the Potential for Associated Hydrothermal SystemsMS2008Blankenship, Wilson, Gardner, Holt112
Diehl, TheresaGravity Analyses for the Crustal Structure and Subglacial Geology of West Antarctica, Particularly Beneath Thwaites GlacierPhD2008Blankenship, Childers, Dalziel, Lawver, Sen, Wilson209
Elmore, RyanQuaternary Seismic Stratigraphic Investigations, Yakutat Bay Region, Gulf of Alaska: Subglacial Drainage Mechanics and Glacial ExpanseMS2008Gulick, Mohrig, Catania, Horton109
Hong, TiancongMCMC Algorithm, Integrated 4D Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Uncertainty Analysis in a Bayesian FrameworkPhD2008Sen, Stoffa, Tatham, Grand, Jackson191
Hu, ChaoshunStochastic Tomography and Gaussian Beam Depth MigrationPhD2008Stoffa, McIntosh, Nakamura, Sen, Grand, Fomel194
Smith, DanRegularization and Redatuming Using Least Squares and Conjugate GradientsMS2008Sen, Tatham, Ferguson86
Vence, Eleine M.Subsurface Structure, Stratigraphy, and Regional Tectonic Controls of the Guajira Margin of Northern ColombiaMS2008Mann, Steel, Horton128

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Bansal, ReeshidevSeismic Characterization of Naturally Fractured ReservoirsPhD2007Sen, Stoffa, Grand, Bangs, Tatham, Ferguson232
Castellanos, HugoSequence stratigraphy and tectonics of the Guantao and Minghuazhen Formations, Zang Dong Field, Bohai Bay, Eastern ChinaPhD2007Fisher, Mann, Tatham, Steel, Torres-Verdin, and Guevara242;
Chen, Ming-ChuSeismicity and Tectonics of the Arc Segmentation in the Solomon Island Arc, SW Pacific Ocean and Their Relation to Subducting Bathymetric FeaturesMS2007Frohlich, Taylor, Mosher, Grand72
Filina, IrinaGeophysical Investigations of Subglacial Lakes Vostok and Concordia, East AntarcticaPhD2007Blankenship, Stoffa, Dalziel, Wilson, Sen, Holt129
Funk, JustinCenozoic Tectonics of the Nicaraguan Depression, Nicaragua, and Median Trough, El Salvador, Based on Seismic Reflection Profiling and Remote Sensing DataMS2007Mann, McIntosh, Steel, Gardner188
Kroehler, MargaretTectonics and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Venezuelan Basin, Caribbean SeaMS2007Mann, Christeson, Escalona, Steel, Tatham108
Pangborn, EmilyThrust Fault Characteristics Inferred From 3D Seismic Reflection Data From the Nankai Trough Subduction Zone, Southwest JapanMS2007Bangs, Tatham, Wilson, Gulick97
Sood, SanjayMultitaper Spectral Analysis of Wide-angle Refraction Data from Costa Rica for t* EstimationMS2007Sen, van Avendonk84
Soto, DavidStructural and Basinal Architecture and Active Strike-slip Faulting of the Eastern Offshore Area of TrinidadMS2007Mann, Fisher, Wood, Steel96
Xun, HaoA 3-D seismic investigation of the distribution of gas hydrate and free gas and their relationship to the structure and stratigraphy of Hydrate RidgeMS2007Stoffa, Bangs163
Young, G. RussellEffective Porosity Estimation from 3D Seismic Reflection Data: Marco Polo Field, Gulf of MexicoMS2007Sen, Ferguson, Tatham163

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Garciacaro, EmilioStratigraphic Architecture and Basin Fill Evolution of a Plate Margin Basin, Eastern Offshore Trinidad and VenezuelaMS2006Mann, Wood, Fisher, Steel84
Hanzlík-Valentín, MartínLate Quaternary Seismic Stratigraphy and Structure of the Western Insular Shelf Margin of Puerto RicoMS2006Mann, Ferguson, Pain, Steel84
Kumar, ChandanParameter Inversion for Seismic AnisotropyPhD2006Ferguson, Sen, Stoffa, Tatham, Fomel127
McDonald, MatthewThe Chicxulub Impact Crater and Oblique ImpactMS2006Gulick, Tatham, Christeson, Wilson94

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Aitken, TrevorCenozoic Stratigraphic and Tectonic History of the Grenada and Tobago Basins as Determined From Marine Seismic Data, Wells, and Onland GeologyMS2005Mann, Christeson, Stoffa, Steel89
Gorney, DavidChronology of Cenozoic Tectonic Events in Western Venezuela and the Dutch Antilles Based on Integration of Offshore Seismic Reflection Data and Onland GeologyMS2005Mann, Christeson103
Kumar, DhananjayAnalysis of Multicomponent Seismic Data From the Hydrate Ridge, Offshore OregonPhD2005Sen, Stoffa, Grand, Bangs, Ferguson, Tatham179
Nordfjord, SylviaLate Quaternary Geologic History of New Jersey Middle and Outer Continental ShelfPhD2005Austin, Goff, Galloway, Fisher, Steel, Sommerfield202
Shi, MinjuanCharacterizing Heterogeneity in Low-permeability Strata and Its Control on Fluid Flow and Solute Transport by Thermalhaline Free ConvectionPhD2005Sharp, Galloway, Dutton, Simmons, Zong-liang Yang229
Sullivan, SeanGeochemistry, sedimentology, and morphology of mud volcanoes, eatern offshore TrinidadMS2005Wood, Mann, Fisher, Tatham93

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Lu, HongboGlobal and local controls on depositional cyclicity: Canterbury Basin, New ZealandPhD2004Galloway, Fulthorpe, Mann163
Sena D'Anna, ArmandoModeling and Imaging of Ground Penetrating Radar DataPhD2004Stoffa, Sen, Tatham, Grand, Fokkema, Wilson223
Wu, XinxiaUpper Miocene Depositional History of the Central Gulf of Mexico BasinPhD2004Galloway 

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Ahmed, ImtiazImaging the lower slope, offshore Nicaragua and Costa Rica using a new residual migration velocity analysis technique in the space-offset domainPhD2003Stoffa, McIntosh 
Bermudez, JuanSequence Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the upper Cañn del Tule, Las Imagenes, and lower Cerro Grande formations, central Parras Basin, northeastern MexicoPhD2003Buffler (Supervisor), Fisher, McBride, Vega, Lawton 
Combellas-Bigott, RicardoDepositional Framework and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Middle Miocene Depositional Episode Central Gulf of MexicoPhD2003Galloway 
Escalona, AlejandroRegional tectonics, sequence stratigraphy and reservoir properties of Eocene clastic sedimentation, Maracaibo Basin, VenezuelaPhD2003Fisher, Mann222
Jaimes, MarthaPaleogene to Recent tectonic and paleogeographic evolution of the Cariaco basin, VenezuelaMS2003Fisher, Mann94
Meckel, TimothyTectonics of the Hjort region of the Macquarie Ridge Complex, southernmost Australian-Pacific Plate Boundary, southwest Pacific OceanPhD2003Mosher, Coffin, Mann, Dalziel, Connelly 
Rogers, RobertJurassic to Recent tectonic and stratigraphic history of the Chortis block of Honduras and Nicaragua (northern Central America)PhD2003Mann264
Tuitjer, EricDepositional history and paleogeographic evolution of the Pliocene Globoquadrina altispira sequence, Northern Gulf of MexicoMS2003Galloway, Fisher93
Wang, ChengshuVelocity Estimation From Seismic Data By Nonlinear Inversion and Characterization of Gas Hydrate Deposits Offshore OregonPhD2003Sen, Tatham, Bangs, Ferguson, Stoffa 
Wertz, KarahFrom seafloor spreading to uplift: The structural and geochemical evolution of Macquarie Island on the Australian-Pacific plate boundaryPhD2003Mosher 

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Burger, RobertMid-Pleistocene to Present Stratigraphic Responses in a Tectonically-Driven Depositional Setting: Eel River Basin, Northern CaliforniaPhD2002Austin, Fulthorpe, Galloway, Fisher, and Dalziel 
Cathro, DonnaThree-Dimensional Stratal Development of a Carbonate-Siliciclastic Sedimentary Regime, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Northwest AustraliaPhD2002Fisher, Austin, Fulthorpe, Karner, Galloway, Buffler 
Ghebretensae, BerhaneLate Cenozoic sedimintation and tectonics of the Bada, Dandero-Mahable and Abdur areas, Northern Danakil Depression, Eritrea, AfricaMS2002Buffler167
Huerta Lopez, CarlosDetermination of soil properties from earthquake dataPhD2002Pulliam, Nakamura, Stokoe 
Loewy, Staci L.The Arequipa-Antofalla Basement, A Tectonic Tracer in the Reconstruction of RodiniaPhD2002Connelly, Dalziel, Mosher, Van Schmus, Mukasa 
Miskelly, ThomasStructural Framework and Depositional Systems of a Complex Rift and Strike-slip Plate Margin: Blocks CI-104 and 105, Ivory Coast, WestMS2002Galloway, Fisher, Mann128
Mukherjee, AnubratiSeismic Data Processing in Transversely Isotropic Media: A Plane Wave ApproachPhD2002Sen, Stoffa, Grand, Tatham, Nakamura 
Reid, BradleySedimentology and depositional history of the late Cenozoic Gila Group in the central Duncan Basin, Greenlee County, southeast ArizonaMS2002Buffler256
Sylvia, DennisResponse of the Brazos River Dispersal System to Latest Pleistocene Climatic Variation and Eustatic ChangePhD2002Galloway 

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Al-Aslani, Abdulaziz3D seismic surface multiple attenuation algorithms and analysisPhD2001Stoffa, Sen, Grand, Nakamura, Galloway 
Al-Saleh, SalehProcessing and imaging of multi-component ocean bottom cable data in the plane wave domainMS2001Stoffa162
Castillo, MariaStructural Analysis of Cenozoic Fault Systems Using 3D Seismic Reflection Data in the Southern Maracaibo Basin, VenezuelaPhD2001Fisher, Mann, Bally, Marrett, Shipley,Tatham188
Davis, MarcySubglacial morphology and structural geology in the southern Transantarctic Mountains from airborne geophysicsMS2001Blankenship133
Duncan, LaurieLatest quaternary stratigraphy and seafloor morphology of the New Jersey continental shelfPhD2001Goff, Austin226
Griffin, JoyAlluvial architecture and tectonic setting of the Mangas conglomerate, Tyrone mine area, Grant County, New MexicoMS2001Buffler121
Jiao, JunroResidual Migration Velocity Analysis in the Plane Wave Domain: Theory and ApplicationsPhD2001Stoffa 

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Liu, QunlingPost Mid-Cretaceous Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Northeastern Gulf of MexicoPhD2000Buffler266
Schlottman, Robert BrianA path integral formulation of elastic wave propagationPhD2000Grand98
Stachowiak, JohnThe Nature and Causes of Backstop Deformation in the Northern Lesser Antilles Subduction ZoneMS2000Austin, Stoffa123
van Gestel, Jean-PaulStructure and Tectonics of the Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands Platform and Multi-configuration Ground Penetrating Radar DataPhD2000Stoffa, Mann214

NameThesis TitleDegreeYearAdvisor(s)#pages
Bilich, AndriaGlobal Seismicity Characteristics of Subduction to Strike-slip TransitionsSenior Honors BS1999Frohlich, Mann 
Clark, StephenAlong-Strike Variation of a Non-volcanic Rifted Margin: A Concurrent MCS and OBS Investigation of Galicia Bank and the Iberia Abyssal PlainMS1999Austin73
Faulkenberry, LauraSedimentology and Depositional History of the Miocene Gila Group in the Mimbres Basin, Grant Co., New MexicoMA1999Buffler180
Liu, FaqiSurface multiple attenuation operators in the plane wave domain: Theory and applicationsPhD1999Stoffa, Sen193
Rodriguez, LuisTectonic Analysis, Sratigraphy and Depositional History of the Miocene Sedimentary Section, Central Eastern Venezuela BasinPhD1999Galloway, Mann117
Tsoflias, GeorgeHydrogeologic characterization of fractured carbonate aquifers employing ground-penetrating radarPhD1999Stoffa96
Cowley, ShaneOligocene to recent stratigraphic and tectonic history of the central Solomon intra-arc basin as determined from marine seismic data and onshore geologyMA1998Mann103
Kong, FanchenContinental margin deformation analysis and reconstruction-evolution of the East China Sea Basin and adjacent plate interactionPhD1998Lawver263
Muszala, StefanAeromagnetics of the North Slope of Alaska and magnetics of the Puerto Rico TrenchMA1998Stoffa, Lawver, Dalziel101
Nyffenegger, PaulAftershock sequence occurrence rate decay for individual sequences and catalogsPhD1998Frohlich131
Sen, VikramadityaA seismic survey in Antarctica, parallel schemes for seismic migration and target oriented velocity analysisPhD1998Stoffa102
Tanis, MehmetPrestack split-step Fourier depth migration algorithms and parallel implementations on Cray T3EPhD1998STOFFA191
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Montage, music and memory
Remembering Deutschland im Herbst (Germany in Autumn, 1978)

Deutschland im Herbst juxtaposes differing narrative styles in order to confront audiences with Germany's crises that stemmed from present-day terrorism and the weight of history. Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith looks back at this classic omnibus film.

The 2002-2003 cusp marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most fascinating omnibus films ever made: Deutschland im Herbst (Germany in Autumn) was completed in 1978, only months after the Rote Armee Fraktion's (RAF) murder of Daimler-Benz Corporation President Hanns-Martin Schleyer.[1] Different directors divide the film, an omnibus project from the start, into several segments without titles. The directors responsible for filming the segments were Heinrich Böll, Hans Peter Cloos, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Alexander Kluge, Maxmiliane Mainka, Edgar Reitz, Katja Rupé, Volker Schlöndorff, Peter Schubert and Bernhard Sinkel.[2] Kluge and Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus edited the film and were responsible for the film's large-scale montage.

Despite the film's segmented nature and montage, Deutschland im Herbst possesses a clear introduction and conclusion: the funeral of Schleyer at the beginning of the film and, respectively, the funeral of RAF leaders Gudrun Ensslin, Andreas Baader and Jan Carl Raspe at the end. Both segments appear to be documentary coverage of what went on in West Germany in 1977 and what followed in 1978.

One may watch this film knowing little about West German history of the 1970s and learn to understand both sides of the story. A number of segmentation and narration issues, however, emerge from the fact that Kluge provides the voiceover narrative both in his own segments and at other times in the film, from the apparent division of a few individual segments (resulting in fragmentation) and from the employment of the same actors in different segments.

An interrupted narrative

Fassbinder's segment, followed by Kluge's first piece on Gabi Teichert, appears to interrupt Schleyer's funeral service. Fassbinder's footage features the director, his boyfriend Armin Meier and an interview with his mother. Kluge's footage features Teichert, a German history teacher struggling with teaching German history and her country's past (as well as her own). The funeral service returns, followed by the next segment, featuring the song "What's Going to Happen to our Dreams?" and Franziska Busch. In it, Busch rescues and helps a woman beaten by a man in a parking lot. Horst Mahler's interview follows. Towards the end, it becomes clear that the interview is being seen in a theatre and that Busch is a member of the small audience.

Although the segment seems to come to a close, it is, in fact, interrupted by the next section—Katja Rupé's portrayal of a pianist who lets a suspicious stranger into her apartment. The pianist's story, a combination of melodrama and psychological thriller, comes in between Busch's viewing of the Mahler interview and the segment focusing on the filming of the television production of Antigone. As this draws to a close, Busch is revealed as an actress with her own leftist political agenda.

Kluge's second Teichert fragment follows, joined by Reitz's piece on military maneuvers and border guards. More film segments follow, focusing on television documentaries commenting on Germany in the 1970s, beautiful shots of the German countryside in winter, a couple being alarmed by the police who stop them and inspect their car, more images of Schleyer and of the SPD convention in Hamburg discussing what to do with the terrorists. Schlöndorff and Böll's segment on the television executives' rejection of Antigone and their comical paranoia precedes Kluge and Schlöndorff's final footage of the funeral service and burial of the terrorists. The final shots show Germany's autumn foliage, the families and supporters of the terrorists and children who have no idea why they are there.

Death, Angst and Deutschland über Alles

The letters read by an actor portraying Schleyer at the beginning of the film tell of his excruciating hours with the RAF. He appears to be a family man rather than a successful industrialist with a Nazi past. He writes to his son about seeing him again. Those words, in the hindsight presentation of the film, are strikingly ironic as the funeral and memorial service for Schleyer take place before the audience's eyes. Again, nothing is divulged about Schleyer's own haunting past. One of the very few allusions made to his Fascist connections is, perhaps, the Riefenstahl-like imagery of the Mercedes-Benz banners waving in the wind. They appear extremely large as they are shot upwards from a low camera angle; the industrial banners are far larger in size and number than those of West Germany at both funerals.

Adding to the monumental character of the Mercedes-Benz banners and automobiles is the use of Mozart's Requiem Mass at the memorial service for Schleyer. Visual and sound imagery are combined here partly to make the audience comprehend that one of the noblemen of the German economic miracle is dead and at the same time to reveal how odd it is that this man was so important in the first place. In the middle of the film, the audience must endure a few moments of silence imposed on the foreign assembly line workers at Daimler-Benz. Of course, we know that none of these workers could have been acquainted with the industrialist at all. These awkward moments can also be perceived as funny, since the workers' homage is wooden.

Serving as closure, the memorial service and burial of the RAF terrorists is also a spectator's ceremony. However, so many aspects of this conclusion are different from Schleyer's service. The people attending the funeral of the RAF terrorists seem to either know, or wish they had known, Ensslin, Baader and Raspe, whereas the people who went to Schleyer's service were generally anxiously awaiting the lavish reception. Instead of observing the banners of a corporation, the audience sees several clenched fists held high for the terrorist trio. The people arrive at and leave the service not as a motorcade of Mercedes-Benz automobiles, but rather independently in their Volkswagen minibuses and Beetles, by foot, or on horseback.

The music heard by the audience at the end of the film may be perceived as either diegetic or extra-diegetic sound. In contrast to Mozart's Requiem heard at the beginning, the audience hears a protest song that is relevant to West Germany in the late 1970s. The music informs the audience that this service is far more personal than the service for Schleyer. The introduction and the conclusion can be perceived as a way to emphasize the meaning of the title Deutschland im Herbst, Germany in autumn, because autumn can allude to death.

In his 1983 essay, "Life with Fassbinder: The Politics of Fear and Pain," Eric Rentschler explains the juxtaposition of Fassbinder's more personal story told in his segment and in the conclusion:

As an explicit antithesis to Fassbinder's torpor, the film concludes with a scene in the Dornhalden cemetery which dramatizes not melancholy, but rather the difficulty of mourning. Masked faces replace Fassbinder's naked body [in reference to Fassbinder's segment of the film], balled fists in the funeral crowd provide a defiance as the director's idly masturbating hand does not, and the omnipresent police surveillance forces take over for a self-indulgent camera. Public manifestations of sadness under these impossible conceptions supersede the filmmaker's private bathos. The final scene incorporates the vulnerable, consternated, and yet still contrary reactions of expressions of a not-yet operative public sphere in search of appropriate and effective ways to channel its feelings...[3]

Fassbinder's segment, as Rentschler discusses, adds depth to this omnibus film because the director shows what is happening to him. Reduced to seeking shelter in his own apartment, Fassbinder becomes paranoid about being ruined by the media and by the police. His only contacts with the outside world are aware of the film director's trauma, which is both self-inflicted and real. As a film director, Fassbinder is unable to find work in Germany because of the news and media blackouts and mass hysteria. This recalls the element of chaos present in Weimar cinema. Everyone in Fassbinder's segment perceives that there is a murderer among us.

The director appears ill for all these reasons. As he keeps up with the events of 1977, Fassbinder feeds his own melancholy. He becomes self-absorbed and infantile because he cannot control his situation or change his own past. What the media has said about him cannot disappear for his convenience. What the audience sees of him in the film cannot be changed. Rentschler makes the conclusion of this film appear to be some kind of tension release, and what occurs in Fassbinder's segment builds up the tension.

Generally, Fassbinder's footage has been understood as incongruous in the context of the film. But there is a direct contextual relationship with the segments that surround it: similar to the funeral and to Teichert's search for German history and self-questioning of her own past, Fassbinder's segment is personal. He is not a member of a terrorist party and he is not a supporter of the government in power in the late 1970s. All he cares to understand is the insanity of the time and how he cannot escape it.

A completely different fragment of the film is also rather effective. It is the segment that shows archival documentary footage of Rosa Luxemburg before her murder.[4] A shot following this scene is of hanged corpses accompanied by "Deutschland über Alles." These images are extremely powerful, because they reveal a marred past from the very beginning of the country's existence. The national anthem accompanies many beautiful and ugly scenes in the film as the mind finds a way to comprehend the montage presented.

Digging up the past while burying history

The directors who collaborated in creating Deutschland im Herbst wanted the audience to leave the theatre with an understanding of more than one perspective of this string of crises taking place between 1977 and 1978. They remind the audience that history is a way of discussing and describing past events. These directors had to face their history in order to make this film. Above all, they make the audience understand that a country cannot hide its past. Germany's history hovers over its country—like the hanging corpses, or the waving Mercedes-Benz banners, or the branches of tall trees losing their leaves on an autumn day.

Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith

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