Appraising Performance At Precision Case Study

Chapter 3 – Appraising Performance at Precision 3-6.What are some problems with Precision’s performance appraisal process that might causechallenges for Jackson to implement a merit pay program?Merit pay “is deFned as a raise in pay based on a set of criteria set by the employer” (Merit Pay | United States Department of Labor). When considering Precision’s situaTon, there are a few problems with their performance appraisal process that might cause Jackson some issues when he a±empts to implement a new merit pay program. ²he Frst issue that Jackson may encounter is that the employees do not have deFned job descripTons and the expectaTonsof the employees are not clearly outlined by upper management. ²his will be challenging when implemenTng a merit pay program because job descripTons are a product of job analyses. According to our text, performing a “job analysis is essenTal for the development of content-valid performance appraisal systems” which “displays connecTons between the measureable factors upon which the employee is being appraised and the job itself” (Martocchio, 2014, p. 66). ²he second issue with Precision’s performance appraisal process is that employees and supervisors communicate very li±le about performance. ²his will be challenging when implemenTng the new merit pay program because in order for it to be successful “employees

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...Performance at Precision/Case Study #1 Jackson Smith has his work cut out for him in his task to implement a merit pay program that would tie to Precision’s performance appraisal process. According to Martocchio, a merit pay program assumes that employee’s compensation over time should be determined by differences in job performance. In other words, employees earn permanent merit increases based on their performance. The overarching challenge to overcome is that merit pay is considered an entitlement by the employees at Precision since everyone has received the same percentage increase across the board regardless of performance. Jackson is likely to experience strong resistance to the change, especially by those who are low performers. Additionally, the supervisors clearly are not trained in giving effective performance appraisals as most employees are rated as average and employees are only provided feedback one time per year. Another big hurdle is the lack of job descriptions. Without having a job description that clearly states expectations, a merit program cannot be established that would tie to the performance appraisal process as pay increases would continue to be based on the subjectivity of the supervisor. I believe that Precision wants to make a commitment to develop a pay plan that will motivate and reward group behavior. Gaining acceptance of the program will be crucial in creating a unified organizational culture. Precision clearly realizes that they......

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...According to Martocchio (2011) “Effective performance appraisals drive effective merit pay programs. Merit pay systems require specific performance appraisal approaches. Administering successful merit pay programs depends as much on supervisors’ appraisal approaches as it does on the professionals’ skills in designing and implementing such plans” (pg. 60). Types of Performance Appraisal Plans includes: Trait systems; Comparison systems; Behavioral systems; Goal-oriented systems. Response to number 1: The problems with Precisions’ performance process that might cause challenges for Jackson to implement a merit pay program are three in total. First, employees do not have written job descriptions that clearly state their performance expectations. This will cause a challenge in implementing a merit pay program because job descriptions are a product of job analyses which provides the supervisors a the tool to create objective performance measures. Second, rating all employees about the same can cause employees to level charges of illegal pay discrimination against the employer based on the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Third, employees and supervisors communicate very little about performance. This will cause a challenge in implementing a merit pay program because employees must clearly understand what they need to do to receive merit increases and what the rewards for their performance will be. Open communication helps an employee develop reasonable expectations and encourages him or......

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