Essay About How Did You Meet Your Best Friend

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My best friend is everything to me, I never knew how close you can to a person so quick and end up caring for them so much.

How I found out Jade was my best friend was complicated. We met a while back at arts camp in Berkeley but we weren’t that close. We had some conversations here and there but they where never serious. Then one day when camp was ending, we hung out and had a couple stage scenes together. After that camp ended we didn’t hang out for a while, but we would call each other to go grab something to eat or to go get our nails done, or something simple that lasted about an hour or two.

At one point we  just stopped hanging out until we met again at a high school basketball game. Jade was invited by one of my classmates. Instead of going with him she decided to hang out with me the rest of the night. After that game we started calling each other more often and were chilling every weekend. After a little while we just started hanging out every day, and decided to be best friends.

My best friend is really important to me, we do every thing together and every time I need her she’s there for me just as I’m there when she needs me. It feels good to know you have someone there for you regardless of anything that happens. I know she’s going to be there and I can trust her, trust for me is not easy, every one I meet has to earn my trust. And its really important to know you have someone you can trust and depend on. Even though she and I fight every day she’s still going to be my best friend regardless because she’s a really big part of my life and I love her.

On Fridays, we ask a bunch of unrelated questions. Your answers help get us through the afternoon. Answer one, answer all, or ask your own question. On to this week's topics...

1. Think of your best friend in the whole world. How did you two meet? Grew up next door to each other? College hallmates? Gave him or her the Heimlich at the Pizza Hut lunch buffet?

2. What was the biggest decision you made in the last ten years? Was it the right one?

3. Early in my freshman year of college, I started getting strange calls very late at night. "Do you know what your phone number is?" the presumably drunken caller would ask. I did. 613-3425. What of it?

The calls continued every few days, like an annoying teaser campaign for a movie I'd never consider watching. But at 3am one morning came the grand reveal: "Your number is 613-DICK!"

The phone numbers in these dorms don't change, so the caller knew what room was associated with this riotous number. One night I heard someone writing on my whiteboard, so my roommate and I opened the door. A guy I'd never seen had written "Your Number Is," but our mere presence startled him. (Our mere presence should not have startled anybody.) Rather than finish his message, the prankster returned the Dry Erase marker to its snug little holder and took off running. The calls stopped.

Did you ever have a phone number that spelled something? (Or did you ever harass someone who did?)

4. Your turn! Got a question for the group? Ask it here. Have a great weekend!

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