Example Essay What I Like About Myself

I love my body and now more than ever and the act of loving it, feels like a form of protest.

This body is mine, it ran track, it played rugby, it broke bones, it kissed some fine ass boys, some not so fine boys, it wore clothes, it cried, it got smaller and got bigger. It lost love and loved ones. This is my body and now more than ever, as this body is challenged or looked down upon. I pour more love into it. Because if I died tomorrow, it would be better to have left this earth loving the roundness and curves than hating myself. Think about the time wasted not loving something that holds your soul? I literally don’t have time for it.

Now more than ever, I notice how society tries to police or control women’s bodies and I want to claim mine as my own loudly. I love my body so I fuel it the best I can. I love my butt. I still want a Serena Williams butt so I go to the Gym and I try to put in Serena Williams work. I love this body so I paid 5.99 for a Kombucha, on Saturday morning because I was hungover and that shit is magic. I love the skin, that covers this big body, it’s brown. I love my heart because at night when I close my eyes and lay my hand over my chest and I touch my chest, I feel my skin and listen to the sound of my beating heart inside my big brown body and I pour love into myself for my sisters, for girls like me and girls who don’t like me.

I'm very sensitive that helps me to notice even the smallest details.

I love to smile, laugh and make people laugh. I smile and laugh a lot.

am maternal, i can't stand to see anyone suffer or in pain. whenever i see someone in any form of pain or difficulty i feel i should take the pain away or give a helping hand. my mum says i have always being like that since i was little.

  Independent – I like being an independent person. I’m self-willed and I don’t live by anyone’s opinion or ideas. I make my own decisions and I live my life the way I choose as long as am not hurting anyone. it can be hard sometimes to live that way but thats should the way i am.

  Intuition – I’m very intuitive about people and situations. At times I feel like I have a sixth sense because I immediately understand circumstances without reason. i guess i can say its a gift from God but not many people agree with me.

  Humble – I’ve always felt that it’s important to be humble. I don’t go around bragging about every good thing in my life because I don’t think it’s necessary though my friends and family thinks otherwise they i should be able to talk about every good thing that happens in my life.

  Quiet – I haven’t always appreciated my quiet nature but it’s something I really like about myself. I think because I’m a quiet, I bring a calmer presence to the people in my life but some people see my being quiet as not being smart or dull.
i talk less when am in a conversation because i believe other people should be given the opportunity to share their views or opinions and i dont want to be seen as someone who knows it all.
  i leave the lights on when i go to bed because am afraid of the dark and the unknown. i just cant explain why but i just get so scared when the whole place is dark maybe its an experience i went when i was young but i cant remember what it is.

    Loyal – i believe so much in the goodness in people in the past but i got hurt several times by...

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