Ways To Improve Your Community Essay

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Historically human have dwelled in a community which set them apart from the other species on earth. Communities have existed in different form and can be the epicenter for any grown civilization. Any community is made up of individuals who contribute towards the growth and well-being of the overall community. Bearing this fact in mind a question that is a matter of debate a controversial one is whether important activities enable community to develop or not. Agreement is yet to be reached on this issue; however, I am personally on the belief that every social activities such as doing community service will provide fertile ground for society to improve. In the following paragraph, I will pinpoint the most outstanding reasons.

One compelling reason, lending credence to stance taken above is that in all around the world whole society need to be improved. In this way, although there are trials and tribulations, individuals can greatly contribute to improvement of society. Scientifically speaking, not until people bend over backwards can the society progress. As a matter of fact, vast majorities of people suffer from paucity of knowledge because they cannot afford to enroll in a prominent school. Indeed, a plethora of people have to work along with their study, which makes it difficult for them to continue their education. Delving further into the issue reveal that, helping these people not only can motivate them in order to keep their incentive but also can patronize society in order to progress. In fact, it makes me feel satisfied and honored because not only will help poor children enable me to enhance my self-esteem but also will provide an opportunity for me to gain much knowledge. A noteworthy refreshingly intelligible statistic revealed by recent social research in our country; show that this activity not only provide fertile ground for crowds of people to benefits from education but also provide an opportunity for community to reach the pinnacle of its days.

Moreover, it is established beyond doubt that doing such a community service will definitely cause improving social skills. Broadly speaking, it goes without saying that vast majorities of people in the society are not able to interact with other properly. To put it in other word, not only will help people with their education support people to achieve tertiary education but also will provide them how to contact with other people. I am of the opinion that in this way, I can greatly contribute to development of my society. However, what I alluded to above cannot be overgeneralized to all contexts. Alongside with the innumerable benefits it has, indisputably, doing some community service may not help society to progress effectively. In fact, other activities such as improvement of environmental issues like pollution or global warming and so forth, may have paramount effects on the progress of community. Nevertheless, it does not make those preceding benefits pale.

To wrap it up, there are vast majorities of activities in which can patronize community to develop in different realm. Contemplating all the aforementioned reason one soon realize that contributing to poor people who are not able to benefits from eminent teacher and schools, not only will motivate them to keep on their education but also will greatly help improvement of community. Additionally, this kind of community work will certainly improve people's social skills.

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