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Power (Control and Submission)


Grandfather's control over Grandmother is shown in the quote

"My grandmother, a thin, nervous woman who seldom spoke when my grandfather was presen, concentrated during the meal on cutting her ham into small perfect triangles before she ate them." p 76


Grandfather's control over son's is shown in the quote

"When my grandfather finally decided to reatire for good and return to the ranc, he found a way to do this yet retain his power in the county: he turned the post over to my father. Yes, the sheriff of Mercer county was elected, but such was my grandfather's popularity and influnence - and the weight of the Hayden name - that it was enough for my grandfather to say, as he had earlier said of his deput, now I want my son to have this job. So my father set aside his fledging law practice and took the badge my grandfather offered. It would never have occured to my father to refuse." p. 21


Grandfather shows his power and control over situations just about anywhere, for example when he is in minneapolis for Frank's wedding and the guys go out for the bachelor party he gets into a argument at the bar.

"Pop pulled out his .32 revolver, chrome plated so its the shiniest thing in the place. Hell i didn't know he had it with him. Anyway he's got that gun right in th fella's face and the guy goes white. He's just white as a sheet. Pop holds it there for a minute and then he says "Out in Montana you wouldn't be worth dirtying a man's hands on, Or his boots, so we'd handle him this way, nice and clean""


Wesley shows his power when he arrests Frank, his own brother, and locks him in his basement.

"He's in the basement. Goddamn it! Don't you get it-I've arrested him. He's down there now."


The reason that Frank is getting away with assaulting his patients is because of his crudentials.

" He had been a star athlete in high school and college, and he was a genuine war hero, complete with decorations and commendations. He had been stationed at an army feild hospital on a pacific island, and during a battle in Allied forces were incurring a great many losses, uncle Frank left the hospital to assist in treating and evaluating evacuating casualities. Under heavy enemy fire he carried - carried just like in the movies - three wounded soliders from the battlefield to safety. The story made the wire services, and somehow my grandfather got ahold of clippings  from close to twenty different papers." p. 36


Davids mother is a equal partner in this realationship that is shown when she orders around Wes.

"The nodded gravely but made no move to leave the kitchen.  "Go now, Wesley," urged my mother. " p. 112


" I was a Hayden"


"...and that meant something.  Because my grandfather was wealthy and powerful, because my father enforced the law, because my uncle treated the sick and injured, and because all their wives were beautiful. People had an opinion about the Haydens."


"...they talked about us." 


"...but our name was no joke. We were as close as Mercer county came to aristocracy.  I never consciously traded on the hayden name, yet i knew it gave me a measure of respect that I didn't have to earn."




- the dificulty to overcome power is explained in this text. possible usage in paper : )

" I also knew that to continue to stand up to grandfather, my father needed all the strength he possessed. And perhaps that wasn't enough"(Watson 124)


-Power of Mother to son for information in quote

" She looked at me a long time as through she knew i had the answer.  When i couldn't resist the POWER of her gaze any longer, i said, " I think they're from Grandpa's ranch. I saw them drive down the alley" (Watson 131)




"montana 1948" is a story of immoral and abuse of is also a story of courage and decency.

"MONTANA 1948", is written by LARRY WATSON, it is a story told about twelve-year-old David Hayden's view of his family. Wes is a small-town sheriff who is David's father. He has arresting his brother Frank in his basement. That is for sexual assault and murder. In this book have a lot of immoral and abuse of power, also have many courage and decency.

Everything comes from immoral in this story. Frank who is taking liberties with his Indian patients, and murder Marie. He is a sexist and racist. He does everything just because he like it and enjoy it. That makes Wes get angry with him and after then arresting him. But at this part Wes also do something wrong. Him should be put his brother in jail, not in his basement.

In this book also have many abuse of power things. For example: Julian uses the gun right in the guys face when in Frank's bachelor party. After Wes said to his wife: "They couldn't arrest us - we are the law!" And another things are Julian calls four men go to Wes's house get Frank when Frank arrested in basement. The four men go to there and get some arms too. Form these part, we can see Hayden's thinking about the law is theirs and have some power hungry.

"Montana 1949" also told about the good one like courage. The first courage person is Marie. She points out what Frank does to her and Indian's girl. Marie has spunk to tell to Gail everything. Also David too, he tells his parents about Frank are a murderer. Let us to surprises is Wes has to arrest his brother and put him in his basement....

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