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Essay Nursing Teaching Plan

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Introduction A teaching plan is one of the most important steps in nursing process. It is a vital tool used to achieve the best quality of patient care. A nurse should teach the patient what they need to know about their disease or disorder, diet, treatment, medication regimens, and self-care (Taylor, LeMone, Lillis, & Lynn, 2008). In this paper, I will explain teaching plan for diabetes patient with regular insulin injection including with the purpose of plan, outcomes, behavioral objectives, and teaching method.

Diabetes is a common disease, which can be a serious life-long illness caused by high level of glucose in the blood. This condition is when the body cannot produce insulin or lack of insulin production from the beta cells…show more content…

If the patient may become upset or nurse must ask intimate questions, I find an empty room, wait until the patient’s roommate has left for a while, or use an empty treatment room or office. For instance, one-to-one instruction method is one of teaching method that I can use in my teaching because it can be tailored to patient learning needs and focused on a patient's specific self-management plan. For example, patient learns how to inject insulin effectively through one-to-one instruction. It also provides an opportunity for both the nurse and the patient to communicate knowledge, idea, and feelings primarily through oral exchange, although nonverbal messages can be conveyed as well. When teaching the patient, timing is crucial. I plan about 30 minutes for this teaching lesson because it allows more time for patient to learn new the information. First, I will demonstrate how the machine works and how to apply blood on the test strip while I maintained aseptic technique. Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) by persons with diabetes is an integral part of intensive glycemic treatment and is widely believed to improve the control of blood glucose levels and health outcomes. For some meter machine, the accuracy can be affected by interfering substances (medication), temperature, hematocrit level, and user technique. In addition, the accuracy of blood glucose meters

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